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U&I Australia was established in 1997 and has operated successfully with offices across Australia and four other countries for 27 years. U&I Global is embarking on a new direction, which creates a range of new opportunities and challenges in 2024, that:

  • Attempts to be proactive rather than reactive to market conditions.

  • Is willing to invest in HR best practices for the company’s long-term benefit.

  • Will review its partnership base to work with institutions with a good reputation/brand and want to work actively with and support U&I Global to form a long-term partnership.

  • Will think and act strategically.

  • Will have the best product knowledge, communication and language skills of any counselling team, with a diverse nationality base.
    Will have a strong management team with an excellent reputation and industry experience.

  • Are creative and innovative in their approach, particularly in relation to marketing and sales.

  • Are one of the business's largest and most trusted education agents that deliver on the promise.

U&I Global, in 2024, we currently have 45 staff and 63 by end of 2024, of which ten graduated with a degree from an Australian University. These counselling staff are located within seven offices globally - Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Korea (Seoul and Busan), Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai), Philippines (Cebu), Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) and Colombia (Bogota 2024).

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