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As soon as you have confirmation of your study location in Australia, start looking for accommodation that suits your needs and budget. Student accommodation is usually highly sought after and requires prior planning.  

Here are some factors to take into consideration when finding the right accommodation for you: 

  • Costs will vary depending on your chosen state, city, and type of accommodation. Use the cost of living calculator to get an estimate of your expenses and how they vary from state to state.

  • Always confirm the total cost and any other expenses you may be required to pay, such as a bond as well as regular gas, water and electricity bills.  

  • Consider the distance of your accommodation from your campus and whether it is easily accessible by public transport, such as bus, tram or train. 

  • Find out what shopping centres and amenities, as well as health, hospital and emergency services are located nearby. 

Referenced by 02.02.23

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